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Commonwealth includes a body corporate incorporated for a public purpose by or under a law of the Commonwealth or of a Territory. Commonwealth excludes an incorporated company, society or association. See: Section 17 of the Acts Interpretation Act Commonwealth removalist means Toll Transitions Pty Ltd, its subcontractors, agents or employees who provide removal services under a contract with the Commonwealth.

Compulsory residency means training in a hospital undertaken by a medical officer as a condition of entry into the medical profession. It does not matter whether or not the medical officer lives in accommodation provided by the hospital. Continuous full-time service excludes Reserve service.

50 Must Read Australian Novels (The Popular Vote)

If eligible, they are entitled to the conditions of service under Chapters 2 to This concept applies to the service performed by these two groups of members. Members of the Reserves who are required to perform a period of continuous full-time service with the Permanent Forces. See also: Section 1. Example: A member joined the Navy in and served 10 years in the Permanent Forces.

The member then joined the Reserves and performed intermittent Navy reserve days during to The member is then called out for continuous full-time service for all of Note: 'Ceasing continuous full-time service' includes all forms of termination or transfer of service. This includes on retirement, retrenchment, and on completing a period of engagement. The daily rate of any annual rate means the relevant calculation set out at section 3.

See: Chapter 3 Part 2 Division 1 section 3.

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If a member is eligible for a daily rate of an allowance determined by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal, the rate is listed in the relevant determination. Dentist means a dental practitioner registered under the law of a State or Territory. It includes an ADF dental officer. Deployment means warlike or non-warlike service overseas by members assigned for duty with a UN mission or a similar force.

Doctor means a medical practitioner registered under the law of a State or Territory. It includes an ADF medical officer. See: Part 6 section 1. Effective date of posting means whichever is the later of these dates. The date the member starts duty at their new posting location. Employment includes full-time or part-time work. It does not include voluntary work. The capacity of a rotary engine is the displacement of the engine according to the specifications of the engine issued by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

The manufacturer of a rotary engine-driven vehicle may not state the displacement of the engine in the specifications. They may state the displacement of the rotor or rotors comprising the engine instead. In this case, the capacity of the engine is taken to be either of these figures.

The displacement of the rotor that makes up the engine. The sum of the displacements of the rotors that make up the engine.

MCU HISHE Compilation Volume Two

See: Chapter 1 Part 4. A flexible service determination is a determination made under subsection 23 2 of the Defence Act The fortnightly rate of any annual rate means the calculation set out at subsection 3. Gaining location means the posting location to which a member is posted in their posting authority. For the purpose of a medical absence, a health professional means:. A registered medical or dental practitioner who provides services as a Defence member, Australian Public Service employee or otherwise under an agreement in place with Defence.

Any of the following persons who are competent, credentialed and authorised by Surgeon General Australian Defence Force to perform an extended role. This table lists the home port for different members. If the member was recruited in If there is more than one option that could apply to a member in the table in subsection 1, the CDF may decide which of the options will apply. The CDF must have regard to both these criteria. A member may apply to have a location listed in this table approved as their home port. The CDF may approve the application. The CDF must consider all of these criteria.

Where the member was enlisted or appointed. The member's needs.

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The efficient operation of Defence. For a seagoing ship, home port means the port from which the ship regularly operates for a period of more than one year. Initial minimum period of service means the period of service a member must serve following enlistment or appointment, which if not completed may result in a service obligation debt under Defence Regulation See: Section 25 of the Defence Regulation Legal officer means an officer who is, or is eligible to be, admitted as a barrister or solicitor of the High Court or the Supreme Court of a State or Territory.

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Living in means occupying living-in accommodation. Living-in accommodation means either of these forms of accommodation. A barracks or similar kind of residential accommodation that meets both these conditions.

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It is provided primarily for the use of members without dependants. Accommodation like that described in paragraph a. See: Section 1. For service within Australia, location of residence means an area surrounding a member's residence. It is the area defined by the distance the member can travel from their residence and back, door to door.

The distance is the greater of these two distances. How far the member can travel in minutes by the most appropriate and efficient means of public transport. Within Australia — long-term posting means a period of duty that the member's Service has directed to be for more than six months. For duty overseas — see Chapter 12 Part 3 section This table defines losing location for a member granted a removal.