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What is CLIL? The magic cat. Absolute Beginners. USA-themed resources. Literacy and reading themed resources. Latest Guardian news lesson. Pick of the week. Resources by category. Methodology Teaching articles, ideas and tips to top up your teaching and support your professional development. Skills Over 3, resources on listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary. Grammar Puzzled by the past perfect? Vocabulary Resources based on a variety of vocabulary areas including dictionary skills, metaphors and our popular series BuzzWords. Teaching children You'll find a selection of fun and stimulating activities for children aged in this thriving section.

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Latest FT business news lesson. FT business news lessons: Smaller car groups face battle for survival November In this lesson, available at two levels, students read an authentic article from the Financial Times about how smaller car companies may struggle to adapt to industry changes. Billionaire Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square also has themed days. Jack, like Elon Musk, works 80 hour weeks, 40 at each company. In a interview at Techonomy, Dorsey said he accomplishes this by having themed days and being very disciplined.

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Every day has a theme and he does the same things around that theme at each company on a specific day. These themes let him deal with interruptions and distractions. If a task or request is not in theme with the day, he does not do it. It sets a cadence for the rest of the company to deliver and check their progress:.

His Mondays are for management. His Tuesdays are for product.


Wednesdays are marketing and growth. Thursdays are for developers and partnerships. Fridays are on culture and recruiting. Sundays are for reflection, strategy, feedback, and getting ready for Monday. Being disciplined about forming great habits is a true key to success.


I highly recommend you read The Power of Habit. It goes into great scientific detail, while staying easy to read, on how to effectively form great habits and break bad habits. I jest. Nerd joke. The point is to improve your willpower because it matters more than pure IQ.

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The youngest billionaire in Africa, Mohammed Dewji, says that mental fitness and a fresh mind are keys to success. He has a daily workout during his lunch hour to recharge and refresh. This lets him attack the second half of his day as hard as he did the first half. He recommends finding what works best for you to stay invigorated and recharge. He acknowledges that people have different ways of doing it that work best. There are hundreds of studies, articles, and books that prove how exercise is so beneficial to you in so many ways.

Studies show that exercise increases your focus, energy, happiness, productivity, attractiveness, health, and longevity. Look at it as an investment rather than a time cost.

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Dustin Moskovitz, billionaire co-founder of Facebook, wrote a whole Medium post saying how he regretted not exercising and eating better because he would have achieved his success even faster, and without the arguments and health problems he had. Mark Pincus is the billionaire founder of Zynga , a video game app platform built on the back of the social network Facebook.

Good To Great is a book that outlines the downfalls of doing this. Lee Iacocca was a bad-ass entrepreneur who took Chrysler from near-bankruptcy to a full revival.

But during the second half of his tenure, he started spending most of his time on talk shows, TV shows, and other ego-boosting events. In the book, Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis is quoted giving advice on writing things down. He recommends you write everything down in a notebook. This includes ideas, information about a new person you met, or interesting facts.

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  • Richard Branson has spent a great deal of time emphasizing the importance of writing everything down immediately so you do not forget, especially in his articles online and his books The Virgin Way and Business Stripped Bare. Richard tells the story of a man he knew who had the most incredible memory but forgot something at the absolutely worse time: during an important business deal. I have heard almost the exact same story from people in real life back when I tried to rely on my memory for everything. Write it down on paper because it burns it into your brain and subconscious more than typing it out does.

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