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The sky is black as can be, but there's no way you can see stars.

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They're there, of course, but you can't make them out because they're too faint with all the ambient light in your eyes. I was impressed with the total 'magnificent desolation' I saw in front of me: black sky, no stars and the horizon clearly curving away.

I knew it would take four or five minutes from Buzz and Neil talking about it. And I wanted to get on with my checklist. I didn't have any first words. Pete [Conrad] had that job, sort of like Neil had [on Apollo 11] and Buzz didn't.

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So I didn't have anything philosophical to think - it was all business. I had to get to work and not fall behind on our timeline. That's why they pick you. You can get the job done, instead of for other things. We would go through the whole routine, modify it, rewrite it, modify it again until we were comfortable with the order. And, of course, our mission was to be the first to do science on the moon, so we had to be very careful about getting everything in during the allotted time. Apollo 11 and 12 were just to prove physically we could get [the astronauts] down, and then back safely.

Would You Like to Take a Walk?

Apollo 14 was to start doing science. We learn more and more about how humans function. Sport psychologists have that figured out now. When a halfback goes through the line, everything slows down — zoning! Same thing on the moon. I never paid attention to my suit, backpack or anything — I was doing what I was trained to do in terms of the geology. Then again, I had all these people watching everything else for me. The gray was so bright it was almost white - a sharp break between the surface and the horizon.

The Best Dressage Connection Builds from 'Nothing'

You could see Earth, but where we were - a little south of the center of the moon - it was difficult. Earth was directly overhead, and, when I looked up, I saw the top of my helmet!

The more nostalgic, perhaps, were those final steps. I hesitated, asking what was the meaning of the last three days - not just to me, but to all who would follow. When most people think of getting fit, images of free weights, earbuds, and high-intensity elliptical workouts or sweaty 5Ks usually come to mind — but, as it turns out, the physical and mental health benefits of walking daily or at least five times a week just might make you want to reconsider your gym membership. Of course, there's no denying that walking probably won't give you the definition or weight loss results that running yuck or CrossFit double yuck would — but if your goal is simply to live well and be healthy, and not to lose weight quickly, then you really should start going on more walks.

Studies have shown that walking briskly about three to four miles per hour can reduce your risk of developing life-threatening diseases , and it can help treat depression and anxiety , too. Not to mention the fact that it's one form of exercise that is both free and easy to do.

There's literally no training involved, it can be a super social activity if you want it to be, and you can do it anywhere. Personally, I love walking — and I've been relying on long, brisk, outdoor walks to combat my anxiety, and boost my mood, creativity, productivity, and endurance for a while.

Would You Like to Take a Walk? - Wikipedia

Now, am I as ripped as I'd like to be? Not at all. Do I need to add some strength training to my exercise routine?

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  8. Probably, yes. That said, I can tell you with total certainty that my healthiest and most emotionally steady days are always the ones that include a walk — and if you start adding a 30 minute walk to your daily routine too, you'll probably find the same thing to be true for you. If you don't believe me, believe the research that backs me up.

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    Here are six reasons you should be going on more walks. Admittedly, walking is easier and more pleasurable if you live near a park, hiking trails, or in a neighborhood with well-maintained sidewalks and tree-lined streets. However, unless you live in a particularly rough neighborhood, you can walk pretty much anywhere. You can also save up and buy a treadmill, but walking outdoors is both more fun and better for your mood.

    Walking is low-intensity — which means you're less likely to injure yourself compared to other forms of exercise.

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    Because it also doesn't tend to hurt, you get to avoid the pre-workout dread that often precedes a run or a trip to the gym, while still ensuring you move your body regularly. Though I'm not saying you shouldn't do those things, too — just consider taking a short walk before or after your high-intensity workout. If you have a hard time getting to the gym, you could always just tell yourself you'll take a long walk instead.

    Who knows — once you get warmed up, you might even be inspired to jog a bit.