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What do you guys think of Jeremy Lin? Will he be the next NBA Superstar?
  1. Linsanity revisited: How Jeremy Lin became an instant NBA superstar | Daily Hive Calgary
  2. Jeremy Lin is still a symbol for whatever we want him to be
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Linsanity revisited: How Jeremy Lin became an instant NBA superstar | Daily Hive Calgary

Before Lin, they were handing out tickets in front of Madison Square Garden. After Lin, MSG was packed every night. Lin left New York a few months later, because the Knicks wouldn't match a restricted offer sheet in free agency, despite all indications that they would before the Houston Rockets swept in.

I followed him to his new team, watching his gradual descent.

Jeremy Lin is still a symbol for whatever we want him to be

When he was dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers so Houston could make a run at Chris Bosh , I dove into the sensationalized drama between Lin and Kobe like a gossip addict. It was just like Lin and Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks. Another superstar, another conflict; a plague of over-psychoanalysis. By the time he got to the Charlotte Hornets , it felt like Lin would always be that guy with something left to prove. He'd never be the flashy superstar who would fight back. I wanted to see him be outspoken and selfish.

A Lin who took every shot possible, a Lin who lived in a state of perpetual incongruity.

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He drew praise as a reliable backup point guard and earned a few Sixth Man Award votes, but couldn't he be more? It was my first time meeting him.

My mind ran through a montage of expectations. The nerdy Lin. The caricature of Lin, like in the carefully curated collection of YouTube videos on his official channel. The divisive Lin, someone stuck between the media narrative of unfulfilled expectations and an overlooked player with a chip on his shoulder. But if you ask me what I remember from the encounter, I couldn't tell you much.

It sort of melted into the background noise. Maybe that was the point. Lin seemed normal, painfully normal. As a second-generation Asian American, education was of the utmost importance at home and that was pounded into me.

Sports took a backseat most of the time. Stereotyping is a real problem too; it reminds me of when I played pick-up hoops at high school. Of course, away from the big pro sports leagues Asian Americans have had success.

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Chloe Kim was one of the stars of the Winter Olympics. She has charisma as well as skill and it was little surprise to see her gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. Her mother and father are Japanese and Haitian respectively but she grew up in America. Jeremy Lin is perhaps one of the biggest names that has ever came up in the world of Basketball these days especially for, us, Asians.

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  • Jeremy Lin: The Incredible Rise of the NBA's Most Unlikely Superstar?

Jeremy Lin was just so unexpected and has surprised a lot of people…. Being smart and being able to play basketball at the top level makes this guy ultra special. It was never easy for him to get to where he is today, he was undrafted in the NBA drafts. Later on, after joining some predraft workouts, he received offers from several teams Mavericks, Lakers..