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Latest release. Action Comics New DC Comics.

Star Trek () #7 | Star trek episodes, Star trek, Trek

Annual 3. Action Comics Action Comics Special Adventures of the Super Sons All Star Western New All-Star Batman All-Star Section Eight New American Carnage DC Comics, Vertigo. Animal Man New Annual 2. Aquaman Aquaman and the Others New Armageddon Omnibus Astro City Bane: Conquest Basketful of Heads Batgirl Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs Peel DC Comics, Boom Studios. The film was converted to 3D during its post-production stage. It was followed by Star Trek Beyond in In , Captain James T.

Kirk is removed from command of the starship USS Enterprise for violating the Prime Directive after exposing the ship to the primitive inhabitants of the planet Nibiru in order to save them, and Spock, from a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. Admiral Christopher Pike is reinstated as commanding officer with Kirk demoted to first officer. Spock is transferred to another ship. Shortly after, the Section 31 installation in London is bombed by renegade Starfleet operative John Harrison. Harrison attacks Starfleet Headquarters in a jumpship during an emergency meeting regarding the situation, killing Pike and other senior officers.

Kirk disables the jumpship, but Harrison transports to Kronos , homeworld of the hostile Klingons. Admiral Alexander Marcus reinstates Kirk and Spock to Enterprise with orders to kill Harrison using a new long range stealth photon torpedo. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott objects to allowing untested torpedoes on board the ship without knowing their specifications; when he is overruled, he resigns.

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Kirk assigns Pavel Chekov to replace Scotty. En route to Kronos, Enterprise ' s warp capabilities become disabled. Kirk leads a team with Spock and Uhura onto the planet in a small landing craft, where they are ambushed by Klingon patrols who order them to land. Uhura leaves the landing craft to talk to the Klingons.

They decide to kill Uhura, but Harrison appears and kills the Klingons. Harrison demands that Kirk tell him the number of torpedoes on board the Enterprise , surrendering when Spock tells him. Leonard McCoy and Marcus's daughter, Dr. Carol Marcus, open a torpedo at Harrison's behest, revealing a man in cryogenic stasis. The other experimental torpedoes similarly contain cryogenically frozen humans. Harrison is taken to the ship's brig, where he reveals his true identity as Khan , a genetically engineered superhuman awoken by Admiral Marcus from centuries of suspended animation to develop advanced weapons.

Khan reveals that Marcus sabotaged Enterprise ' s warp drive, intending for the Klingons to destroy the ship after it fired on Kronos, creating an act of war by the Klingon Empire. Khan also gives Kirk a set of coordinates. Kirk contacts Scotty on Earth and asks him to investigate. Scotty discovers the coordinates lead to a covert Starfleet facility. Marcus demands that Kirk deliver Khan, but Enterprise flees to Earth to expose him. After Vengeance disables Enterprise near the Moon, Carol reveals her presence aboard the ship. Marcus forcibly transports Carol to Vengeance before ordering Enterprise ' s destruction.

Kirk offers Khan and himself for the lives of his crew, but Marcus rejects Kirk's offer, revealing he never intended to spare them. Vengeance suddenly loses power after being sabotaged by Scotty, who infiltrated the ship. With transporters down, Kirk and Khan, with the latter's knowledge of the warship's design, space-jump to Vengeance. Spock contacts his older self, who warns that Khan is ruthless and untrustworthy and that Khan's older self was only defeated at terrible cost.

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Khan demands that Spock return his crew in exchange for the Enterprise officers. Spock complies but surreptitiously removes Khan's frozen crew from the torpedoes and arms the warheads. Khan beams Kirk, Scott and Carol aboard Enterprise , but betrays their agreement by attacking Enterprise ; however, Vengeance is disabled when the torpedoes detonate. With both starships caught in Earth's gravity, they plummet toward the surface. Kirk enters the radioactive reactor chamber to realign the warp core, sacrificing himself to save the ship.

Khan crashes the Vengeance into downtown San Francisco in an attempt to destroy Starfleet headquarters. Khan escapes the wreckage so Spock transports down in pursuit.

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McCoy discovers that Khan's blood has regenerative properties that may save Kirk. Spock pursues Khan through the city and the two engage in hand-to-hand combat. Spock gains the upper hand and is about to kill Khan, but Uhura stops him. Khan's blood revives Kirk.

One year later, Kirk speaks at Enterprise ' s re-dedication ceremony. Khan is sealed in his cryogenic pod and stored with his compatriots. The Enterprise crew embarks on a five-year exploratory mission. Heather Langenkamp portrays Moto, a character she describes as a small role. A preliminary script was said to be completed by Christmas for a release. By , a release date of June 29, , was set, [21] with Lindelof announcing he had begun working on the script with Kurtzman and Orci.

Abrams, Kurtzman, and Orci said that selecting a villain was difficult; according to Abrams, "the universe Roddenberry created is so vast that it's hard to say one particular thing stands out". They also discussed the possibility of Khan Noonien Singh and Klingons.

Star Trek (2011-2016) #22: After Darkness

In January , Abrams said he had not decided whether or not he would direct, since he had not yet seen a script. Although a script was completed, uncertainty regarding the extent of Abrams's involvement led to the film's being pushed back six months from its scheduled June release. In June, Abrams confirmed that his next project would be the sequel, noting that he would rather the film be good than ready by its scheduled release date.

Lindelof said that Khan was considered a character they needed to use at some point, given that "he has such an intense gravity in the Trek universe, we likely would have expended more energy NOT putting him in this movie than the other way around. Orci noted that when trying to create the "gigantic imagery" required by a summer blockbuster, Kurtzman suggested a scene where Enterprise rose from the ocean.

With that as a starting point they and Lindelof came up with the cold open in Nibiru, which blended action and comedy and was isolated from the main story in an homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Actor Benicio del Toro had reportedly been sought as the villain, and had met with Abrams to discuss the role; [47] however, he later bowed out.

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In , Alice Eve and Peter Weller agreed to their roles. Into Darkness began principal photography on January 12, , with a scheduled release date of May 16, On February 24, , images from the set surfaced of Benedict Cumberbatch's character in a fight with Spock. Some shots were made in Iceland. Marc Okrand , the developer of the Klingon language , provided the Klingon dialogues with on-set coaching from constructed language experts.

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The dialogue did not make cohesive sense following editing and so new dialogue was constructed and dubbed during post production. There's no word that comes after the colon after Star Trek that's cool. Not that Star Trek: Insurrection or First Contact aren't good titles, it's just that everything that people are turned off about when it comes to Trek is represented by the colon".

Composer Michael Giacchino composed the film's incidental music. An expanded soundtrack album was released on July 28, , limited to 6, copies. Rivers asked about the title: "The title Star Trek Into Darkness indicates some sort of ominous turn, obviously". Eve suggested that Pegg discuss the theme of terrorism , and Pegg obliged: "I think it's a very current film, and it reflects certain things that are going on in our own heads at the moment; this idea that our enemy might be walking among us, not necessarily on the other side of an ocean, you know. John Harrison, Benedict Cumberbatch's character, is ambiguous, you know?

We [the characters in the film] don't know who to support. Sometimes, Kirk, he seems to be acting in exactly the same way as him [Harrison].