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by Mark Stavish, M.A.
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  3. Secret Fire: The Relationship Between Kundalini, Kabbalah, and Alchemy

As a human being living in a world of many different energies; we get very polluted and confused. The main problem is that we lose connection with divinity and to the Celestial Kingdom. Etheric Reconstruction is needed in order to restore our connection to the divine, and allow us to be in harmony with celestial powers. It is the art of healing specific parts of the Etheric — Auric body, including the Magnetic, Astral and Dharmic body systems.

The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you stop losing energy to other people. This healing draws upon the powers of this higher magick, working with symbols that Enoch used to communicate with God and waken the Holy Spirit within. The benefits of this healing include greater access to higher dimensions of Light, activation of this ancient magickal energy within the self for the benefit of service to self as well as service to others. This healing can only be performed after the Kabbalistic Healing has taken place.

This healing comes from the deep teaching of Goethian Magick, which enables us to destroy the fabric and seeds of our thought patterns, emotional, physical and mental. This modality recreates new patterns so that you can move to the next level in your spiritual life, and take the next steps forward in your life where you choose. The Hands of Melchizedek helps you get out of the current state that you are in and overcome that which is holding you back. This magickal healing activates the Will energy of your divine purpose, that something powerful that lies within you.

By drawing on the ancient symbol of the hexagram, it enables you to heal the one thing, helps you receive all things, understand energetic responsibility and embracing that you are a god or goddess, and you have the power to create your life as you truly desire it. Based on the 7 principles of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet, this modality is the most powerful re-balancing we have in the mystery school tradition. Each session clears out the 7 layers of your energy field that correspond to the 7 Rays, allowing them to flow through you in a way that is uninhibited, stable and constructive.

Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality causes a death and rebirth of the emotional body which in turn creates a revitalized mental and physical state of being. As a result of this realignment, people often experience having more available energy, more usage of the brain capacity and more vitality for everyday life. By accessing the ancient energy of the source of Egyptian power, this healing will create a new vibration within the body, soul and mind. Creating a more positive thought pattern, eliminating depression, releasing the old, healing emotional wounds.

It will open up the third eye, provide clarity about love energy and allow you to create more abundance in life. Jikiden Reiki is the original and direct lineage form of Reiki, the purest and cleanest source of the Japanese healing system. Jikiden Reiki can restore the flow of energy to areas of the body which may be stagnant due to injury or illness.

It is also a powerful relaxation modality which aids in stress reduction and physical healing, general wellness and vitality in life. The Tree of Life is a symbol that represents the divinity of the human life, and the most powerful expression of God that we humans have to access. It is a representation of our DNA, and working with the Tree of Life can actually change the way our lives look and feel.

In this healing, the Tree of Life is activated and accessed to allow great healing and transformation to take place. Laser Light has an immediate and direct impact of healing on the physical body. The Laser Light not only can bring deep healing to the physical body, but it can create balance to all layers of the energy field.

Reading List - The Modern Mystery School

We are all light and this modality uses the harmonic resonance of the Light flowing through the layers of vibration of Sound, Waves, Etheric and Magnetic energies. When receiving Laser Light Healing, you are experiencing a refined, specific form of light. It is pure and intensified as a result. All light is perfectly synchronized with each other. It is a perfected physical light which brings the Light of the receiver of this modality in to balance, harmony and empowerment.

Sometimes it takes the form of a soothing calm, sometimes a radical curiosity. And sometimes it becomes a nagging doubt. Why is the life I am expected to live not enough? The purpose that Western society has created for the indi- vidual is a sham. We are addicted to the pursuit of prosperity, craving more and trying harder, even though our lifestyle of ravenous consumption does damage to the earth and leads us away from the very contentedness that we pursue.

By conventional thinking, the material circumstances of Western life have been getting better by leaps and bounds. Adjusting for inflation, the average American income in the year had doubled since I Today it is Sound familiar?

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Today, supermarkets overflow with an abundance of food so affordable that even the poor suffer an epidemic of obesity. Waitresses take holidays together on luxuri- ous pleasure cruises. Children of dockworkers receive college educations.


We live in conditions far superior to those of the aristocrats of the nineteenth century. But this is not a book about returning to the magic of the Middle Ages for adventure. Not exactly. Con- sider instead the following assessment: even as human progress is taking away the difficulties of staying alive, we are thereby gaining more freedom to pursue the even greater challenges of a different landscape in a different realm of our existence — one that has always been there.

Our lives as animals are presenting fewer and fewer ob- stacles to overcome. A new kind of evolution is surfacing: the life of the individual stepping into the frontier of his own soul and exploring the confines of his interior psychological and spiritual vehicles.

Secret Fire: The Relationship Between Kundalini, Kabbalah, and Alchemy

The discipline of magic has never been easier than it is today. And who could blame the average person for failing to see this possibility? When the incarnated human wakes up wounded and human on the beach of life, he finds that he has been given a gift for which he has misplaced the instructions. Getting Though Only a Few Will Rise 3 comfortable as quickly as possible, mimicking his fellow castaways, trustingly assimi- lating the instructions and traditions that his elders pass down, he learns to forget that he has lost anything at all.

Survival is an urgent business, after all.

Jewish Mysticism Explained - Exploring Kabbalah

What could possibly come before that? And so the individual grows up infused with beliefs that keep him alive but that nonetheless have no basis in his true identity. He leams to fit into his culture and to dutifully ignore his desire to find himself. And why not, after all? Disregarding the lessons of his elders may endanger his very life.

But what if the silence between commercials begins to whisper?

What if he came to realize that his bosses, parents, and teachers, despite their prestige, know noth- ing? What if they are on the same beach, having assimilated their culture just as he did, beguiling themselves into the notion that it reflects their real purpose? We are each of us wounded by mortality, and our role models have come to our rescue by putting a bandage on a hurt that will never heal. The average human, underneath a veneer of confidence, is still a terrified castaway severed from his true nature, clinging to the first para- digm that comes along to give him a modicum of security.

The proud father hands over the traditions of his prosperous forefathers as though he were passing along the Holy Grail, and yet he knows nothing. He receives his instructions from his forefathers, who know nothing. They receive their traditions from the same noth- ing. And so it goes, on and on, until the mind is left staring into an abyss of noth- ing, the foundation on which it has built its sense of self. The chain of ignorance seems to go back into prehistory, to a primordial beach and that clueless castaway.

At some point in evolution, through some divine acci- dent, the human race bumped its head and lost its inherent purpose. And since that fall from grace, it has been faking it, using strategies for living that do little more than help it maintain its numbers in successful but nonetheless unfulfilling ways.

A person can spend all his life learning the ropes of making a living, fending off danger, fitting in, and climbing the social ladder, all the while neglecting the task at hand — the task that sits right before the nose of every human on the planet. The job promotion, the blockbuster movie, the dream vacation, the perfect spouse — all of these fall short of satiating the longing that drives the soul to worm its way upward through the trappings of life into the open air of awakening.


For such a soul, who realizes that there is nowhere to hide, no security blan- ket that will soothe him for long, it is inevitable that the comfort of the norm be- comes a prison house of agony. He has remembered that he is still that castaway on the beach.