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Career Change Framework #1: Reverse Engineering
  1. 1) The Dance of Strategy Inside Your Business Journal
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When a change is launched, employees want to know what is happening now, what will happen when—and, most importantly, what the change means for them:. A story, or set of key messages, helps you curate critical information and clearly explain the situation.

1) The Dance of Strategy Inside Your Business Journal

It supports leaders to focus on the right topics. And it provides employees with a way to navigate the details—from project teams to focus areas—that are challenging to remember and prioritize. Stories are so important because they stick. Most of the information we consume washes over us, but stories capture our attention.

They help us learn by creating memorable moments. And they encourage conversation—a key component of knowledge building.

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Build your narrative by using a story arc, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as the development or resolution of a narrative or principle theme. An arc maps the key points of your story in a compelling way—and creates a consistent framework for communicating the change.

Setting expectations for leaders and managers is a fundamental way to address these challenges.

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Your first step is to define their communication roles, which typically include these core communication tasks:. Once roles are clear, your playbook should include methods for how to support leaders and managers so they can be successful change advocates. Your playbook needs to identify communication tactics that will help employees learn about the change and understand what to do. But by building a comprehensive playbook, you can use communication to support effective change. Great article! So much of this resonated with me and the change that my organisation is going through right now.

Thanks for sharing your insights. Communication is critical to change success! Changes fail when these practices are not followed!

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You may change your settings at any time. Repeat what you believe you heard from the other party back to them and receive their feedback that yes, you did understand them before proceeding. This is essentially giving yourself home field advantage. If you present your offer first, the other party must either accept your offer or respond with a counteroffer that will be more in your favor than whatever they had in mind initially. Sometimes all it takes is a little patience and space devoid of talking to probe the other party to rethink their position or reveal more information that will be helpful to you.

Silence makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Triggers happen, and emotions can rise. Listen with your heart, not just your head and meet the other party where they are sometimes.

Read e-book Ultimate Guide On Successful Career Change Tactics

Understanding, compassion and empathy go a long way and can be a refreshing surprise amidst tenuous business dealings. Ultimately, the best possible outcome is for you and the other party to emerge from negotiations satisfied with what you both have received from the engagement. Perhaps neither party got everything they asked for, but if it appears as though the dealing was fair and that both parties sacrificed and gained in relatively equal measure, that would be considered a win-win.

Principled negotiation takes time, effort and a willingness to stick it out through potentially arduous hours of conversation. In order for a win-win to occur, neither party can tap out before a mutually beneficial agreement is reached. Yes, it takes more time and energy than just playing hardball or backing down completely to the wishes of the other side, but it will make both parties far happier in the end. Whenever possible, go for the win-win. It saves relationships and ensures that both parties emerge victorious from the negotiations.

Professional athletes watch tape of their opponents in order to understand their tactics and ways of approaching the game. It should be no different in business. Learn about who you are about to face. How have they approached negotiations in the past?

What is their personality? What do they respond well to and what are they triggered by? Like a great chess player, you need to anticipate not only your moves, but the moves of who you are facing. The more you think ahead and strategize, the more you run the negotiations rather than the negotiations running you. A great tip — add something to your initial list of desires that you fully expect not to receive in the end. Then, when it is time, you can offer to lose that item if the other party will either give you something in return or concede something on their list of wants.

Rather, insist that you receive a counteroffer from the other party. This gives you something to work with and places you in a position of strength. You know what you want. But if you also identify what they want, you can word your arguments in a way that makes it about how they are also going to be getting what they desire from the deal. Rather than driving your own agenda, work with the other party to show them how by you getting what you want, they also get what they want.

Your set of values and principles will no doubt be different in some way to those of the person sitting across from you. Only by following your own code will you leave with an agreement you are satisfied with. If for some reason emotions are involved in negotiations, talk through those first. This is where compassion and empathy come in really handy. If someone is angry or upset, seek understanding of their feelings and assuage their fears in whatever way you can.

Let them know that you intend for both parties to walk away in a state of joy, not pain. Every negotiation will be different because every person sitting across from you will be different. Do your homework, ask questions and always approach each round of negotiations with a clear mind and fresh perspective. Ultimately, when two or more parties come to the table to negotiate an agreement, the focus of each person is on getting the best deal they can, not on how to make the other party or parties unhappy. If you can lock in on what the other person truly wants and face them with empathy, respect and a willingness to come to the best agreement possible, there is a high likelihood that all parties involved will leave happier than when they came in.

Developing your business negotiation skills will be time well spent as you continue to climb the corporate ladder and engage in more complex business dealings. Be on the lookout for future articles on how to negotiate contracts and how to negotiate salary. These articles will provide an even deeper look into how negotiation can help you achieve what you desire and deserve. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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